September 5 OaklandWiki Meeting Notes

Oakland Wiki and Education, Youth Portal, etc.:

  • Susana confirms that we will have 10+ youth slated to work on Oakland Wiki starting Sept. 17th. Youth will be available after school hours. They will be based at YU and will have supervisors there.
  • We can continue with the directories project, or alternately develop another project. Ideas are being developed on the Educators Portal page - please add! If anyone would like to talk more about possible projects for the youth, please speak with marina.
  • Additional notes/to-do:
    • Luisa and Dennis have begun making a list of adult computer literacy/job training incl. Stride Center. Need more!
    • emailed localwiki list for advice on developing a program for the youth - all resources being added to the Educators Portal page.
    • To-do on the Educators Portal:
      • is it necessary to create more instruction docs (or other multimedia) beyond the instruction docs that localwiki has already created (and that we've incorporated into oakwiki):
      • add categories and sample curricula based on target groups:   job seekers ("how will this help someone find a job"), high school, university students, etc. (DONE)
      • Add variations and extensions of directories project. ex: contact organizations listed on the social service directories that don't have a web presence and offer oaklandwiki as a site hosting service

Jobs Portal

  • Created Jobs Portal with Dennis
  • How to incorporate listings from other sites into the Wiki? (ex: Dennis' site:
  • The jobs portal needs a lot of work. Add content and email the list if you have ideas for who we can work with to build this site out.

Team Oakland Geographers

  • Created Oakland Geographers page and added lots of existing data sources and different kinds of existing maps -- More are needed!
  • Q for dev team: how can we incorporate neighborhood maps created by Our Oakland into the wiki to populate neighborhood pages with maps?

Other notes:

  • Emailed to see if oakwiki can be a part of their upcoming annual volunteer fair (Sept. 15)
  • Added list of communities to reach out to to the TODO list. Add more! Start contacting them :)
  • Contacted Oakland Local to see how we can collaborate and incorporate content.

Items from last week (any updates?):

  • Discussion of link structure and hierarchy on the front page
  • Redesign of homepage
  • Favicon - status?
  • Code for oakland's to-do list includes making an oaklandwiki page for every code for oakland project
  • Strategies for broadening the base of contributors
  •  Bike tours

        - invite east bay bike party and get in touch with east bay bicycle coalition - find out what they want and what their users want. get dwild on board

  • Oakland wiki enthusiasts acting as ambassadors to organizations/groups that are part of their existing communities/organizations

    - get people who are already part of the community to reach out to their networks.

    - how to identify organizers who are in particular communities?

        - reach out to hackathon participants and ask them what communities they are part of and who they might be interested in reaching out to. can even write an invitation.

        - email oakland wiki list and ask folks what communities they feel like they would be interested in reaching out to

         - important to identify why a particular community/organization would use oaklandwiki

         - directory of organizations relating to code for oakland?

         - contact diy education facebook group:

         - neighborhood associations

        - city of oakland has list of community groups

  • oaklandwiki as platform for people/organizations that are marginalized from having existing web presences

    talking points

        - this is an alternative to twitter/facebook: they're all too corporate

        - hyper-fucking-local

        - easy to create web presence that's not based on time

        - nurtures community (get some early people on board to show existing community to others)

- calendar feature?

    - in development

- front page should have profiles of people who edit

    - "edit superstars"

    - existing "people" page has limitations:

- build out "yelp" functionality

    - check out neighborland: dan the bike man recced oaklandwiki

- stickers 

- meetings where we edit content

    - edit parties

    - informal food people: come to a food editing party! network with other food people and bring food!

    - music community

- have a booth at art murmur or other events?

- who is the user and what do they want?

    - add analytics

    - add user feedback mechanisms

        - olympia wiki has survey on what people want from the site

        - feedback form