Police Beats

http://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca1/groups/police/documents/image/oak025561.pdf This neighborhood, because of the 580 freeway that passes through the middle of it, is covered by two separate police beats: Beat 8X covers the part of the neighborhood located south of the freeway, and Beat 9X covers the part north of the freeway.
Council District
District 3
Neighborhood Boundaries
Oak Glen Park, also referred to as the Richmond Boulevard or Glen Echo neighborhood, is a unique community that gets its name from forest-like Oak Glen Park, which anchors the center of this neighborhood and is home to not only many of Oakland's original heritage oaks, but also one of the longest stretches of unculverted creek in the city. Oak Glen Park is bounded on the north by West MacArthur Boulevard, on the west by Broadway, on the east by Richmond Boulevard, and on the south by 30th Street.


Local history has it that the entire area was once owned by a wealthy resident who raced and trained his horses by running them around what is now Oak Glen Park, and his horses would drink from Glen Echo Creek. In the early 1900s, housing developers began to subdivide the tract into parcels. 

Historic Landmarks

This neighborhood is home to many historic, architecturally important houses and is included in the Oakland Heritage Alliance's list of annual walking tours that the group conducts. The foot bridge, defunct fountain, and pergola that traverses the middle of Oak Glen Park was once part of Frederick Law Olmsted's vision for a "greenbelt" system for pedestrians that connected Mosswood Park to Lake Merritt. Albert Brown Mortuary on Piedmont Avenue is also a Julia Morgan building. The neighborhood also has two sets of staircases that connect Richmond Boulevard with Kempton Avenue and Fairmount Avenue, part of the famous system of "steps" for which Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco are well known.


In July 2014, Kaiser Permanente opened its new Oakland Medical Center near this neighborhood on the city block formerly occupied by the M/B Center parking structure and office tower. While not technically in Oak Glen, Sutter Health's Alta Bates Summit Medical Center is located nearby as well.

Parks and Open Spaces

Oak Glen Park, as well as an urban preserve located further south on Richmond Boulevard. One of the longest unculverted stretches of Glen Echo Creek runs down the middle of the park.


None, though many in nearby neighborhoods: