Orange Dell Tract is a group of homes on Grand Vista Ave above East 27th Street.  They are located on a portion of Grande Vista that dead ends into the back of the Salem Lutheran Home and across the street from  John C. McMullen House.

Oakland Tribune Feb 26, 1926


The group consists of 13 five and six room cottages of individual design.  Exteriors of each home are finished with stippled stucco in different colors and each with different arrangements of living room windows and ornate entrances and tiled roofs. Interiors are also varied in arrangement and choice of finish.  Features include candle type lighting wall fixtures, picture mirrors, large built-in buffets, bookcases, and fireplaces. Tiled kitchen with built-in features. Breakfast rooms are large with built-in cases.  Bathrooms are complete with recessed tubs. Bedrooms are elevated and can be entered without disturbing the occupants of the living room.  Each home has a cement basement and laundry room and garage. A Golden Gate gas furnace, electronically controlled located in the basement.1

Landscaping included in the price range from $6350 to $7350.

Hughes & Beach were the builders and their offices were located at 902-906 Washington St in Oakland.

They went on sale in December 1925 and all but three were sold by February 1926,



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