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The United Brethren Church (or the Golden Gate Church of United Brethren in Christ) was a United Brethren in Christ church at 34th Street and Adeline in the Clawson neighborhood from 1902 to 1933. In 1933 the congregation moved to Rockridge, and became Rockridge United Brethren Church. 6

The church was started c.1902, and met at what is now 3408 Adeline. In 1907, they dedicated a new, larger building at the corner at 1136 - 34th Street. That building is currently home to Morning Star Baptist Church.

In 1907, Rev. Marion Richardson (M.R.) Drury, D.D., was pastor. 2 In 1910, he was selected to lead Philomath College in Oregon, 3 and Rev. Harry H. Haller became the pastor. 4,5

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Move to Rockridge

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In 1933, the congregation moved to Hudson and Manila in Rockridge. 6 They met in a remodeled residence until a new church could be built, which was dedicated in 1939. 7 The bulletin board in front is a tribute to church members who served in WWII, and was dedicated Christmas 1945.

The last reference to the church in the Oakland Tribune is from 1968, when Rev. Robert Keller was pastor. 8

Rockridge United Methodist Church appears at the location in the 1969 directory. In 2021, the building is labeled Berkeley United Methodist.

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