Orland has its own municipal water supply, wholly owned by The City of Orland.  Sewage is also operated by the city.  

Waste Management is contracted by the county of Glenn to pick up residential and commercial refuse.  The transfer station is in Artois, with the actual dump west of there near the Coast Range foothills.  WM also picks up green waste and has a recycling program.  The City of Orland has a green waste dump site south of town. Orland residents are authorized to dump their green waste outside front gate and along the front of property as long as it does not block traffic from travelling on the road., But only when Green Waste is closed, dumping is only allowed inside the gate, when it is open, for a fee. The Green Waste dumping fee is waived during times it is closed. Anyone who dumps a load, after hours, with so much as one piece of trash and /or one piece of metal will be subject to severe penalties including Immediate Ludicrously sky high fines no lower than $10,000 and up to *NO LIMIT with an immediate due at time of violation of no less than $500 and/or vehicle seizure and impound until  the $500 + tow and any accrued impound fees can be paid in full. *To maximize profits for Glenn county from any fine collections received from violators all costly contesting by a trial in court will not be held by order of Glenn County. So check and recheck your load for contamination before dumping or else carry a jar of Vaseline with you at all times. 

Pacific Gas & Electric provides electrical and natural gas services.

AT&T is the sole provider of residential and commercial landlines.

Comcast is just about the only provider of Cable TV.  AT&T may offer U-Verse services with television service in some areas.

Sonic.Net/Omsoft, AT&T, Comcast, and DigitalPath are the major Internet providers in Orland.

For cellular, Orland is most broadly covered by MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T.  Sprint has a small footprint, especially for 3G data.  4G or LTE is provided by T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.