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Welcome to the new LocalWiki region for Palo Alto! There are currently just a handful of pages in it, to get you started.

I created this site because it is part of a non-commercial, "grassroots effort to collect, share and open the world’s local knowledge." I see no point in recreating information that is already available elsewhere on the 'net, so i am looking for good sources of information. Please suggest links to local information.

But, what i would like this wiki to be is by and for local people, who are not usually represented on the commercial sites. I want to make this a welcoming site, so that those voices can be expressed. There are plenty of real estate sites that will explain Palo Alto in terms of the value of property, but where are the voices of those who will be pushed out of Palo Alto for lack of money? Where will the people who do actual work, service, or otherwise, in Palo Alto, live? I want a place where those with different points of view can express their vision of what Palo Alto should look like... without too much battling.

In this beginning stage, i'm expecting people to suggest links to information elsewhere on the 'net. If we can gather a good team of editors, then perhaps we can become the actual source of good information in the future.

Please join and help in this effort. Thank you.

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