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Welcome to the MLN Referral Wiki!

This wiki is intended for sharing business/service referrals and other information of interest to Monta Loma residents. Anyone can read it, but contributions are limited to those who live, work, own a home, or rent a home in the Monta Loma neighborhood in Mountain View, California. If you fit into one of those categories and want to add or modify information on this wiki, you can [WWW]sign up for a LocalWiki account.

This list is not actively managed, because localwiki.org does not allow the figure of an administrator. You can write to mailto:[email protected] and ask for help but there may be little we can do to help.

When you post a referral, please be sure to include your first name and street as a way to identify you to neighbors but not expose your email address, in case someone has a question about your recommendation. If you've collected a number of referrals and are posting them for other people, please include the name of the original recommender with each referral. Always remember to include the date when you add or update a referral.

Check out this special page in the MLNA web site where neighbors can advertise their own businesses: Businesses Owned By Our Neighbors

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Any registered user can read, update, or add to this site. Please DO NOT register unless you live, work, own a home, or rent a home in the Monta Loma neighborhood!

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Please visit the [WWW]Monta Loma neighborhood web site for information about our neighborhood.