Handley Rock is a tiny park at the top of a hill in the Emerald Hills neighborhood in Redwood City. It has a 50-foot-high sandstone outcrop, used by rock climbers. There are three small caves in the rock, west-facing, easy to get to just by scrambling. There is also a walkable path to the top of the outcrop, on the far left hand side.

Park is now closed to the public!

The third weekend of every month, the park is closed, out of consideration for the local residents.

For rock climbers: there are several toprope routes in the 5.10 range, plus a few 5.6-5.9 and some 5.11s. Up to about 10 ropes can be set up so it's easy to get lots of climbs in.

Teenagers tend to hang out there and drink and smoke pot, so the neighbors get kind of pissed off at fire hazard, noise, and general disturbance. If a crusty neighbor accosts you, try to understand their point of view, and reassure them you're not there to cause any trouble.

Directions to Handley rock:

  • Take 280 to Edgewood Rd. east.

  • Turn right on Cordilleras.

  • Turn right on Lakeview.

  • Turn right on Sylvan.

  • Turn left on Handley Trail Rd.

  • From there you will see the rock.

  • Please park with consideration for the neighbors to the park!