Carpenteria Street in Aromas (the main drag). Monterey County is left of the yellow lines, San Benito County is right of the yellow lines. The curve in the road in the distance is Rogge Lane Bridge. Across the bridge is Santa Cruz, County. Photo by John Pilge, 2010

Community Aromas has a land area of 4.75 miles, is at 130 feet in elevation, and the population was 2,797 at the 2000 census. There were 1,427 in the Monterey County area of town and 1,370 in the San Benito County area of town. Aromas has 889 households.

History The town was on the land grant known as Rancho Las Aromitas y Agua Caliente, which translates as "Ranch of the little odors and warm waters." The name "Aromas" is plural for Aroma.

ZIP codes: 95004.

Possibly the only city in California split between two counties. Monterey County and San Benito County. The boundry for Santa Cruz County is nearby. Rogge Lane Bridge across the Pajaro River just outside of town is where Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, and Monterey County converge.

Businesses Aromas is home to a Graniterock quarry.

Transportation There is a railroad, but no passenger service. Rogge Lane in Aromas connects to Highway 129 in Santa Cruz County. Aromas Road connects to county road G11 (San Juan Road) in Monterey County.


USGS topograpic maps:

Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
36.8885646 -121.6430011 365319N 1213835W Watsonville East
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