Alternative, rap, funk, metal.
Band Members
 JUST Sean D (Sean Davis)
J Jump (Jeremy Mathews)
DJ El Dorado (Edan Cassidy)
Guitar- JC Crunch (Jesse Corona)
Bass- Grid Bug (Tim Mockus)
Drums- Chris Crash (Chris Craviotto)
Lady J (Jessica Adams)
Chairman (David Meyberg)
Contact Info
[email protected]





Rap Metal pioneer band Code III, 1990-95.

Back then, there weren’t any bands in the Santa Cruz area doing Rap/Live band/D.J. thing. This was a new thing going on and for most people, they couldn’t understand the idea. Sometime in 1991, Public Enemy recorded a new version of "Bring the Noise" in a collaboration with the thrash metal band Anthrax. As one of the first and most admired rap metal songs, the Anthrax version of "Bring the Noise" is considered highly influential. It attempted to bridge the gap between hip hop and heavy metal and paved the way for other attempts to mix the two genres. After that song broke out Code 3 started to be accepted by their peers. CODE III had three MC Rappers one female singer, a DJ , bass ,drums, guitar, and two female dancers.

CODE III played shows with Public Enemy, Michael Frante, Fungo Mungo, Common Sense, Rage Against the Machine and numerous bay area bands. During this time if you played Santa Cruz you would play at the Catalyst, Emi's and the Redroom. CODE III were regulars at one of these venues every month. CODE III recorded two eight song demos- Instant Self Defense 1992, Runnin 1993 and a fourteen song full length cd Devil Speak 1995 that never got released.



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