Where Crystal Creek crosses Branciforte Drive.

Crystal Creek is about 1.7 miles and is tributary into Branciforte Creek. It flows southwest, entering Branciforte Creek about 0.9 miles upstream from the Granite Creek confluence. The name is a descriptive of the water being crystal clear. There is a street named for Crystal Creek near the upstream area that has no direct access to Crystal Creek stream bed.

Some maps have it listed as Blackburn Creek. Upstream has been often identified as Cozy Nook Brook. A rhyme for Cozy Nook area nearby.


In a 1956 report, this creek is listed as unnamed and is referred to as “Happy Valley Road Tributary.” The report noted that Crystal Creek was dry 1.5 miles upstream from the mouth and the rainbow trout fingerlings were “common in the lower section” (DFG 1956b).

Crystal Creek was surveyed in 1996 and the fish population was noted. The survey report mentioned a relatively small amount of cover in the creek and recommended controlling sediment inputs.


No services along the roads near the creek.


Most of the stream has an accessible road near it. However the foliage is rather thick in most parts.


The Mouth of Crystal Creek can be found on the following USGS map.

Feature Name County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map
Crystal Creek Santa Cruz CA 370275N -121986W 293 Laurel

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