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Hard rock.
Band Members
Lonnie Nelson (vocals), Will Reising (guitar 1), Ted Shank (bass 1998-2003), Dave Arronovicci (drums 1998-2002), Eric Feeber (guitar 2 2000-2005), Bill Torgenson (drums 2002-2005), Mark Lewis (bass 2002-2005), Jared Hajduk (guitar sub and production)
Contact Info
[email protected]


Pretty cool, heavy, rock and roll with some classic metal, punk, and new high energy rock n roll. Exceptional vocal and very tasteful, creative arrangements across the eras.

Live Shows

Catalyst, Moe's Ally, Aptos Club, Slims (sf), Palookaville, 924 Gilman, The Livingroom, The Liquid Den, The Gas Lighter, Club Boomerang, Lindee's, The Boardwalk,  The Scene, The Ogden Theatre, The Palace, The Casbah, Surfside Seven, The  Cactus Club, Bluefin Billards, The Cayuga Vault,


Shotgun Demo (1998) Burn (1999) Freaks and Healers, Lorelei Records (2000)

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