Leash Law Advocates of Santa Cruz County (LLASCC) represents a diversity of residents from throughout Santa Cruz County. We are dog owners, foster dog owners, former dog owners, and those with no dogs. We support animal welfare, including domestic and wild animals and we support any regulations that foster such welfare. We consider the current county leash law to be the best means to insure the welfare of dogs, public safety and protection of the environment.

We support County Animal Services in the myriad ways they work tirelessly to manage an almost out of control proliferation of domestic animals in the County, especially dogs and cats, whose numbers increase daily. We support their continued enforcement of the County leash ordinance, to provide for public safety and the welfare of all dogs, in all public places (streets, parks, the beach). We support adequate funding so they may do their jobs. To this end, we support increased focus on getting dogs licensed, since less than 15% of dogs in the county are licensed, leaving most pet owners as part of the problem and not contributing to a solution.

We oppose the establishment of off-leash hours at County beaches and support, instead, additional fenced dog off-leash play areas, where appropriate, that protect and promote public health and safety, environmental well being and the well being of animals.