36°59'58" N   122°01'20" W
Notable Dates
Built in 1960

The bridge has both a bike lane and a pedestrian walk.






The bridge over Highway 17 near Pasatiempo is officially named, "Pasatiempo Overcrossing." Locals just call it the Pasatiempo bridge or the Pasatiempo exit. The bridge connects North Plymouth Street to Pasatiempo Drive and has exits and on-ramps to north and south traffic on Highway 17. The exits to the bridge are Exit 1 and Exit 1C. 
The bridge is 185.0 feet long. It is a Tee beam style bridge made of concrete and maintained by the California Department of Transportation. According to the National Bridge Inventory, the bridge rates as "Good" in all categories. It has an operating rating of 63.8 tons and was built in 1960.

As well as being the best access to the Pasatiempo area, the freeway on ramp to Highway 17 South from the Pasatiempo Overcrossing has free parking.

There are bus stops on both sides of the bridge.

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