This page is about the local bus system. If you are looking for the page about the free weekly paper, see Metro Santa Cruz. Walnut Avenue bus stop.

Administrative Office Location
110 Vernon Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060-2130
Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

Bus information/customer service: (831) 425-8600

Administration: (831) 426-6080

February 20, 1969.


System Overview

For a listing of routes by destination, see SCMTD schedule

System route map download:

The primary service offered by Santa Cruz METRO is fixed-route bus service within Santa Cruz County.  They also provide ParaTransit service (called Metro Paracruz), and Highway 17 Express service to San Jose.

Fares for riding the bus are:

  • $2.00 per ride / $6.00 day pass for individuals over 46" tall. SCMTD does not allow for transfers on one-way trips (see the link above for more information on transfers). Three children (under 46") may ride for free with a paying adult.
  • $1.00 per ride / $3.00 day pass for disabled people and senior citizens with proper identification (such as a discount card)
  • $4.00 one way for Metro ParaCruz
  • Discount cards are available for disabled people and senior citizens (over age 62).
  • Monthly/yearly passes are also available for purchase.
  • These fares exclude the Highway 17 Express bus service, which is jointly run by SCMTD, VTA of Santa Clara County, Amtrak, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), and the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA). See bottom of the page for more information.

SCMTD has several transit stations throughout the county:

The "census designated areas" and unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz often have routes running through them, but do not have their own transit stations.

Their website has an interactive route map and trip planner for the entire system.


Other Routes

Highway 17 Express

See: Highway 17 Express

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External Links

Santa Cruz METRO web site - Features route schedules and fare information. UCSC transportation and parking services (TAPS).


2009-05-28 08:08:48   There is a big mistake in this Wiki. Highway 17 bus is in fact run by SCMTD but not solely. It is jointly run by SCMTD, VTA (of Santa Clara County) and Amtrak. To state that it is not run by SCMTD is patently wrong. —

2010-09-16 17:54:45   This wiki is does NOT validate per - shame on you! Also starting 9/16/10 starts a brand new schedule good until December. Many routes have been cut back or dropped all together. Suggest not copy/echoing the schedule but merely refer to Santa Cruz Metro website only. —