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Macros allow the insertion of system features or funcitonality into normal wiki pages. There are numerous other macros listed on the MoinMoin Wiki HelpOnMacros page, but not all of them work here. A number of them look like CPU hogs too. We might try to test out and selectively transfer the useful and light-load ones to this page.

Most (all?) of the following are case-sensitive, so [[SuperMacro]] is not the same as [[supermacro]].

Info and Functionality Macros

  • [[Anchor(anchorname)]] — defines an anchor. Use [#anchorname Link Text] to jump to said anchor. Note that everything is case senstive and that the anchor is defined with double brackets [[]] but called with single [] brackets.
  • [[Comments]] — comments box that just says "Comments"
  • [[Comments(Leave your comments here)]] — makes a comments box, but with text other than "Comments", like at the bottom of this page.
  • [[Date()]] — current date, e.g. [[Date()]] Note: These macros are not really relevant on Davis Wiki. They are useful when you want to write a time relative to different timezones.
    • [[Date(1)]] — tomorrow's date (I guess), e.g. [[Date(1)]]
    • [[DateTime()]] — current date/time: [[DateTime()]]
  • [[FootNote(This is the footnote text)]] — creates a Footnote 1
  • [[FootNote]] — lists the page's footnotes (footnotes appear at the bottom of the page if [[FootNote]] isn't used)
  • [[heart]] — creates a
  • [[Include(pagename)]] — Includes the contents of page pagename into the current page. People have been using the following, as well:
    • [[Include(Seed)]] to mark the page as a Seed with a link to edit the page.
    • [[Include(PhotoRequest)]] to mark the page as a photo request
    • [[Include(IntegrateComments)]] to mark the page as needed cleanup/comment integration
    • [[Include(FactCheck)]] to mark the page as needing a fact checked, can be used right near the statement
  • [[MailTo(somebody AT yahoo DOT com)]] — obscures an email address (sort of) from people who aren't logged in (like those harvesting email addresses for spam), looks like [email protected] to you.
  • [[PageCount]] How many pages are in the wiki? ; that's how many.
  • [[paypal]] — "Make a Donation" paypal button
  • [[RandomPage(n)]] — where n is a number of links to randomly selected wiki pages
  • [[RandomQuote(pagename)]] — also works for random images. The page that this references should just be a list of whatever you want to randomly select. See Photography for an example.
  • [[Stats(Username)]]
  • [[stop]] — creates a box to link it to a "Talk:" page. Used when there is a big dispute among users on the content of a page.
  • [[SystemInfo]] is disabled.
  • [[TableOfContents]] creates a table of contents based on the = title = headers on the page. It indents based on the number of equal signs.
  • [[Thumbnail("Filename", size, location,"Caption")]] — see Help on Thumbnails

Style and Formatting "Macros"

  • [[BR]] — force a hard return (but trouble when formatting near images and thumbnails)
  • --> text <-- — Centering
  • [[nbsp]] — adds a single blank space.
  • --X text X-- — Strikethrough previously accomplished with [[s(begin)]] and [[s(end)]]

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