3135 24th Street
SF Arts Commission page
Kelly Ording & Jetro Martinez
Late November 2009

Ms. Teriosa is an abandoned storefront on 24th Street, converted into an interactive art installation for the Art in Storefronts project.

There's a box with cards (sometimes?) you can fill out with questions for the mythical fortune teller Ms. Teriosa, who will someday respond. The responses tend to be witty and delightful, with a good attitude and awareness of the neighborhood - it's worth stopping by to read all of them.

The window at times fills completely with answered queries, but new questions are cycled in periodically, probably every week or two.

Mission [email protected] articles with pictures of most of the cards: one two three

the writing on the cards is a consistent delight ms.teriosa often seems to be out of cards, but people improvise around cards often reference missiony places and things

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