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Papalote is the gentrification burrito. The google bus stops directly in front of it, and racist people too frightened to go to "more sketch" taquerias flock there. I actually overheard a girl in line there say "This place is nicer than other taquarias in the mission. That Cancun place is really good, but it's really sketchy — you have to remember to never go there alone, always take a cab and never go after dark." However, because of the gentrifiying clientel papalote has some awesome vegitarian selections particularly delicious are the soyrizo (vegan charizo) and tofu mole buritos. They also have the best salsa around But they're facist about giving it out, and will not give you extra chips or salsa if you run out, so be sparing or be prepared to pay outrageous prices for their one ounce pours of salsa and bowls of 15 tortila chips. Remember to add this restaurant to the Restaurants page.