13th Street Entrance—May 2021

1745 Folsom Street
9 am - 9 pm daily
(415) 863-0620
Payment Method
Cash, credit card, debit card, EBT

Rainbow Grocery is a worker-owned co-op supermarket that sells only vegetarian food (except for the pet food!) with the mission of providing shoppers with healthy and ecologically friendly products. Rainbow also sells a great deal of fair trade certified products, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and rice. The store uses daylight harvesting to light the store: Skylights are the great source of light when it's bright out. The store also receives most of its energy from solar panels on the roof.

The 'egg matrix' of goodness and badness. It's a nice place to buy shampoo, conditioner, or lotion in small or bulk quantities. Their herbal tea and coffee section is ridiculously well-stocked (it's like a library!) and their selection of baking ingredients (including flour, seeds, chocolate, etc.) isn't bad either. They lots of different types of eggs along with an egg matrix with vendors and farming practices explained.

Be sure to check out Rainbow Grocery's website for a list of nearby cooperatives and collectives.

Senior citizens get a 10% discount. Shoppers who bring their own bag get a 10-cent discount, and those who bring their own containers for bulk items get 5 cents off per container.