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North York

The Don River Valley, Earl Bales Park and the Don Valley Golf Course form a natural boundary along the north and east. Bathurst Street to the west, and Wilson Avenue is the southern border.

Highway 401 runs through the centre of this neighbourhood.


John Armour settled here in the 1830's and the neighbourhood is named after him.

The Armour Heights Community Centre sits upon the site of the original Armour homestead.

In 1911 the Armour family sold their farm to Colonel F.B. Robins, who consequently planned out the neighbourhood.

Robins original vision for Armour Heights was as a high-class address with its own bridle path and polo field.

Yonge Boulevard is what remains of the bridle path. The polo field was never realized.

Colonel Robins put his subdivision on hold as the World War I began. He then donated land in Armour Heights to the air force as a training school for Canadian and American pilots.

Amelia Earhardt was a regular visitor to the airfield during the latter part of the war when she was stationed in Toronto as a nurses aid with the Canadian Red Cross.

In 1929 Robins and fellow developer W.P. Mulock sold all their interest in Armour Heights to R. J. Lillico & Associates.

Local newspapers described the deal as one of the largest real estate transactions ever in Toronto.

The new owners attempted to change the name of this subdivision to Beverley Hills however the original Armour Heights name has prevailed.

Notable Attractions

Weird Stuff

There aren't many sidewalks in this enclave and some visitors from the rest of Toronto say this creates feeling of being in the country.

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