Main Entrance
5714 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario , at Finch Avenue
Serves Which Subway Line(s)
Yonge Subway Line
Connecting Bus and/or Streetcar Route(s)
36, 39, 42, 53, 60, 97, 125, YRT
Need Transfer to Connect
Elevator(s) Currently in Service
Commuter Parking / Kiss & Ride
Yes, Yes
Shopping Inside the Station
Tim Hortons - Theres a mini-store there. They carry their regular drinks & donuts, but don't look for sandwiches. This store is a quick in and out operation and they do a pretty good job of keeping the lines moving. So line up, have your money ready, make your order and move along, there are a lot of people who need their caffiene fix before they get to work.
Lottery booth
Convenience store
Connecting Transit Systems
Finch Station is connected to the Finch Bus Terminal where riders can find York Region, Brampton and Go Transit Busses. You can get there via an underground walkway.
Other Details
Right outside the collectors booths is a piece of city art called Rhythm of Exotic Plants

Plaque on the Subway Platform

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2007-11-16 08:15:38   There's a plaque on the subway platform that states "In 1830 John Finoch Leased the Inn "The Bird in the Hand", on the west side of what is now Yonge Street just north of Finch Avenue, frm John Montgomery. Later he purchased a lot on the northeast corner and built a two storey frame hotel. "Finch's Hotel" was operated by many innkeepers until 1873, when it was demolished. During its early years, a travelling circus performed on the grounds.

The original settlemanet had begun in 1797, when Jacob Cummer, from Pennsylvania, acquired land in the area, his son, John, later owned a farm at the northwest corner of Yonge and Finch." —AmirSyed

2008-02-28 00:22:19   To the people who are stupidly considering nameing Highway 7, "Avenue 7", look at this plaque and then study the history of the Yonge/7 intersection. —Transportfan