Sugarfield is an unincorporated rural area directly north of Woodland, east of Highway 113, south of the ditch or settling basin that flows between Cache Creek and the Sacramento River. Historically, this area was used for farming sugar beets. From 1936 to 2000, a Spreckels Sugar Company plant on County Road 18C processed sugar beets into tons of sugar and shipped it all over the United States. Delta Sugar also had a major sugar beet processing plant in the Woodland area, and until 1993, American Crystal had a sugar beet processing plant in nearby Clarksburg.

Sugar beets are no longer a significant crop in Yolo County. The local plants were closed when virus-resistant sugar beet varieties developed in the 1990s made sugar beets much easier to grow, creating an oversupply that dramatically reduced the price of sugar beets.

Sugarfield now contains Sugarland Ranch equestrian facility and assorted manufacturing and construction plants.


"Sweet Memories Remain of Yolo's Spreckels Sugar" by Don Frances, Woodland Daily Democrat, August 8, 2013
Spreckels Sugar: History