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13501 Rices Crossing Road, Oregon House, CA 95962
Thursday-Sunday 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
(Lunch available by appointment for parties of 12 or more)
(530) 692-2555
Salim Ben Mami

Café Collage features a melting pot of flavors from the Mediterranean and Asian countries where the chef-owner spent 10 years traveling and collecting recipes and ceramics.


  • Tapas, Mezze (appetizers, including Apollo olive oil, house-cured Greek olives, hummus dip, tapenade, patatas bravas, bruschetta, spanakopita, dolmas, and more)
  • Les Salades (including Isfahan, spinach, kokkari, quesadilla orientale, Caesar, and Fromage bleu)
  • Pizza (including margherita, quattro formaggi, pepperoni, Americano, provencale, pollo, aloha, El Greco, and Siciliana)
  • Les Entrées (including spinach lasagna, risotto, chicken moutarde, Thai curry chicken, clay pot Cornish game hen, duck leg confit, Greek moussaka, beef bourguignon, and lamb shank)
  • Desserts (including princess cake, cheese plate, crème brulee, mousse, matcha green tea ice cream, key lime pudding cake, tarte tatin, and baklava)


2010-12-14 23:01:58   Outstanding cusine and atmosphere. The finest dining experience in the Yuba foothills. Salim adds that personal touch that makes this place very special. —