Brian Barbier

Flint Knapping at UCD Archaeology Field School, 2010 I originally came to Davis in 1995 as a Native American Studies Major at UC Davis. After a brief (13 year) break from my studies, I have returned to UCD as an Anthropology Major.

Most days, however, I am busy being a General Contractor, remodeling peoples homes. I own my own business, Brian Barbier Remodeling, and my shingle has been hanging in Davis for the past 7 years. Thus, going back to school has been limited to a part-time endeavor.

Someday I will actually make a 28" obsidian wealth blade. This one was made by Grog. My favorite hobby is Flint Knapping, the art of making tools such as arrowheads out of stone. Hopefully this will also describe what I hope to be doing in my future career in archaeology (after a few years of Grad School, of course).

I also like volunteering for Whole Earth Festival, playing paintball, hiking, camping, and spending time with my wife and daughter.


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2010-08-24 06:37:24   First let me say Welcome to the Wiki Business Owner. We appreciate your attention to detail and encourage you to enjoy this forum and interact as it can only enhance your interactions with your community. As an open, community-owned forum changes are made from time to time, and I have made a few small alterations to the business page you created to make it more in line with what other business pages are. Feel free to further enhance it with more details about the business (perhaps a business image or logo would be nice) including how long the business has been open, areas you have worked in, etc. Just use the linked guide to better edit in the future and be sure not use it as a cyber print ad and you will be on your way to Wiki Nirvana. —Wes-P

2010-09-05 21:46:16   Hey Brian. I was thinking it might be interesting if you would flesh out the Flint Knapping page here on the wiki and share some of your insights. I found it to be an interesting topic and am slowly beginning to learn about this functional art myself. —Wes-P