Jeremy Koo (Class of 2011) is a Political Science and Economics major at UC Davis. He is a nominee for Associate Justice to the ASUCD Court and is the administrator of the Unofficial ASUCD Court wiki. He is still getting over his fear of clicking "preview" while editing pages. He pays $123/year in ASUCD fees, mostly for a bus pass he's not really using much this year, so he figures this entitles him to be "an instigator," as ChrisDietrich once called him, at meetings of the ASUCD Court and Senate.

He joined Model UN for a quarter, before realizing IR majors speak at a level above him, and has shown up at DCD from time to time.

He has personally seen Internal Affairs Commission Chairs AmyHartstein, MatthewShannon, and PaulHarms in one place simultaneously. The resulting ASUCD bylaw vortex nearly crippled the newborn Zwald Presidency.


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2009-11-14 13:33:04   Welcome to the wiki! I gave you a couple of links. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-19 00:38:52   Good luck on digging up the history of the ASUCD Court. Most of those old cases on the ASUCD Website are stuff I dredged up and digitized (at least prior to #22, from Fricke's records). You might be lucky and find more in the archives than I did, though records were pretty spotty during the era of Vicki. She pretty much hated the court. —BrentLaabs

  • There is some hope, at least. One of the ASUCD Senators is in the midst of dredging through the archives, having gone to Shields to pull out the stuff from the founding of ASUCD. Apparently, the more modern documents (1980-current) are in a locked closet/cabinet in SGAO. I imagine something like a man-sized safe. —JeremyKoo
    • Yeah, I used to have a key to that room. I've been through a lot of it, but it's a mess, and some of it is missing. SGAO keys unlock the room, by the way. If you make friends with them, they should be nice enough to let you in. I've also looked through a lot of the stuff in Shields in the Special Collections. It's pretty cool — though there's basically no court stuff in there, it's mostly before the court. They have a good set of past budgets (more complete than Mark's archives) which can be very enlightening, though. Special Collections also has old yearbooks you can look through. Downstairs in Shields, there's always the archives of The Aggie — they did a pretty good job covering student government back when the Editor was on the Executive Committee! Mark Champagne has some interesting documents to browse, too. —BrentLaabs

2010-02-13 18:37:04   You of all people (you filed an amicus brief in the matter!) should know that the court did not disqualify any candidates. Indeed, the court has no authority to disqualify candidates, as the opinion of the court stated. The court merely ruled that under the rules, the election committee had no authority to put that ticket on the ballot as the deadline was not met in time. Thus, the certification was void ab initio. —WilliamLewis

  • Please don't assume bad faith. I'd only had the opinion in hand for a few minutes before making the changes, which was meant to be the briefest possible summary for the status of the candidates. I'm trying to summarize the opinion in full on the Court wiki, which I hope this case inspires folks to participate in. But thank you for clarifying things. —JeremyKoo

2010-02-20 16:22:56   Do you know why the ballot files gave the name Daniele Martin? My counting program just pulled the names from the file and I didn't even notice the mistake. —WilliamLewis

  • I'm guessing Creative Media plugged in her middle name, assuming this is the same Jessica Martin. [—JeremyKoo]

2010-03-06 20:11:28   If you start signing non-comment edits of mine again, I'm going to start signing yours, too. —WilliamLewis