Steven D. Lee was a political science and communication undergraduate at UC Davis between 2006 and 2009. He graduated with honors and Phi Beta Kappa in June 2009.

While in attendance, Lee served in many student and community leadership roles. He was appointed a Human Relations Commissioner and Social Services Commissioner by the Davis City Council—among the youngest ever to serve (18 and 20 respectively). Among the few who have served on multiple city commissions simultaneously, he also was Chairman and ASUCD's representative to the City-UCD Student Liaison Commission. The ASUCD Senate appointed him Chairman of the ASUCD External Affairs Commission as a freshmen and was subsequently reappointed the following year. The ASUCD President later appointed him Director of the ASUCD Office of City and County Affairs, which lobbied the City Council to adopt a sign ordinance which supersede leases and gives renters the right to hang political signs in their windows. As Chair of ASUCD's first Executive Task Force, he spearheaded the Principles of One Community document—signed by Mayor Greenwald, UC Davis Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef, himself and 11 other campus/community leaders. He has served on a variety of campus boards, including the Media Board, Campus Unions and Recreation Board, Student-Police Relations Committee, Cuarto Leadership Council (as President), Residence Hall Advisory Board, two Academic Senate committees and the Picnic Day Board as Publicity Director. He is a member—and served as Vice President—of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. He planned two ASUCD Housing Days, three quarters of 24-hour Study in the MU during finals, a PAD rush week, two years of Davis Neighbors Night Out and brought in thousands of dollars in community business sponsorships for student events. All told during his short three years, he has had the opportunity to allocate/budget (or recommend the allocation) millions of dollars of university and municipal dollars, represent student interests and shape university and municipal policy, work with top university and city leaders on collaborative projects, organize events, manage staffs between nine and fifteen and participate in a professional fraternity. He is a recipient of the UC Davis Margarita Robinson Leadership Award, the Chancellor's Award of Merit, a City Council Proclamation, the Frank A. Mesple scholarship for his involvement in local government, has been inducted to 6 academic honor societies and was featured in the University's 2008-2009 admissions brochure and "A Century of Doing What Matters" marketing campaign. He subsequently attended Duke Law School in Durham, NC (which btw is really envious of Davis' bike reputation) and received his law degree in May 2012.


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