I'm a busser at Paesanos and an intern at Purves & Associates Insurance Agency. I worked as a writer and editor for The California Aggie for four years and was a member of the California Aggie Marching Band-uh for three years. I used to have a public affairs show on KDVS. I also used to work for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute.

I've lived at The Trees Apartments, Cascade Apartments, Parkside Apartments, Portage Bay Apartments, Sharps and Flats and Kearney Hall. I'm a UC Davis Political Science major.

I've been an avid user and editor of Davis Wiki since mid-2007.


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2011-02-17 01:18:12   Insert comment for the sake of cleanliness here. —EliYani

2011-03-31 13:57:07   Good addition for West Davis/Restaurants! You'd think I'd remember those, since I used to hit up that Subway at least 1-2 times per week, and still live really close by. IMO it counts as West Davis, even if there are people who might nitpick. —TomGarberson

2011-07-02 13:41:04   They have the Thursday one near the Sutter Davis Hospital, not downtown. Unless they ended it? —hankim

2011-08-09 21:16:43   I've seen her in downtown Sacramento near work before, as well. —TomGarberson

2011-09-09 07:39:57   Yeah. Like kinda hilly or warped. Not to a large degree, but enough that you can feel it. —IDoNotExist

2011-09-11 23:10:35   Maybe rosepetal meant stuck up front as in long lines at Nugget? Which is true on bus days there I have to wait up to 10 minutes to finally pay for things, even If I am 2nd in line. —ndah100

2011-09-11 23:18:25   Both safeways are in ideal locations, west Davis is right by campus/hospital. And it close to many apartment complexes filled with students, so it attacts many students. Other safeway by downtown is ideal also, close to many apartment complexes that are filled with college students. Props to safeway for building there stores there. I rarely see college student at nugget, seems to be the 'mom and pop' crowd. Where it is impossible to navigate on Sunday afternoons.

But I cannot see nugget having bad customer service, i shop there over once a week for last year. —ndah100

2011-09-24 12:01:57   Thank you for adding info about you being busser. I was starting to wonder how you knew so much about paesanos.. —ndah100

2012-04-14 17:28:25   It's basic search and seizure law. A peace officer can compel a search for weapons with reasonable suspicion (not an issue here) and anything else with probable cause. Depending on the circumstances, a warrant may be required. But that's only if someone is a peace officer, which Aggie Hosts aren't. They're security guards. At best, they can ask you to leave (trespass), but they can't look through your stuff without your consent.

I'm not an attorney, just someone who knows my rights. Go verify this with a real lawyer if you wish. —WilliamLewis