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I’ve been really excited to post about my Ann Arbor Sun newspapers from 1972-1974, about 30 in a row - some incredible content in them, and I’ve been given permission by John Sinclair to share what I have in some way on the site. As Sinclair would have said, the content, the words, the music, belongs to the people. A quick list of what’s in there - all super rare stuff - a Bob Dylan interview, tons of coverage on the 1972 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival, early Blind Pig reviews that illustrates important history, a list of who was playing at music venues in Ann Arbor and Detroit, ads for concerts, ads for local stores (the Blind Pig ad reads “The No Bullshit Cafe”, the pound of Columbian pot giveaway contest, Shakey Jake ads for selling newspapers, local band reviews and interviews, a Black Panther interview with John Lee Hooker, a huge interview with Archie Shepp, the McDonalds protests, and much much more….Stay tuned, this will be a regular thing that I will be working on. I acquired all these about a year ago from an old hippie lady who used to hang out with the John Sinclair crowd and even used to take drum lessons from the MC 5 drummer.

An amusing story involving marijuana occurred in January of 1975. The Ann Arbor Sun was an anti-establishment newspaper which sponsored a drawing for a free pound of marijuana. Over 4,500 people entered this drawing. What was equally unusual was the person that drew the winning entry was County Commissioner Catherine McClary.