Cool projects with materials you can get locally.

  • City Council members could hold little meetings at their neighborhood ice cream place. You know which one I'm talking about.


  • Make the Park Project dream come true by educating yourself and friends via Ann Arbor Parks and wheat-paste! Vigilante education for the masses!


  • Turn a traffic island into a meeting place (add a bench? a chalkboard?) (via: bkerr







  • Print stickers with the bus schedule. Cost, $15-$30


  • Spend some time adding content to ArborWiki.


  • Do a guerrilla knitting project for wayfinding. Cost, [cheap yarn]


  • Figure out how home power meters broadcast their data, and make a script that reports on your usage over time. AMR -- cost: [time to research]


  • Make a gutter garden:

A traffic island:


  • Animal control
  • Trees
  • City Council / voting data
  • Meeting attendance
  • Track City Council decisions
    • Then start categorizing / identifying threads across time