Eberwhite Elementary School is an elementary school in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. It is located at 800 Soule Blvd, Ann Arbor MI 48103, near Eberwhite Woods. Bill Harris is the principal. The mascot is the Eberwhite Tree.

Eberwhite Elementary School offers Kindergarten (including full day) through fifth grades. In addition to academics and activities, Eberwhite also features a wonderful nature lab: the nearby Eberwhite Woods, a thirty-four acre tract of land originally owned by Eber White and family.

Eberwhite students continue on to Slauson Middle School.

Regarded by many parents as having a pleasantly cohesive culture, the school has some interesting tribal traditions, including Wood Chip Day, when parent and kid volunteers replenish the wood chips on the playgrounds. In subsequent months, second and third grade boys look for microscopic, multicolored Airsoft BB pellets that have been scattered under the chips by unknown parties.


1950:  School first opened

Contact Information:

Principal: Bill Harris

School website: http://www.a2schools.org/eberwhite
PTO website: http://www.a2schools.org/Page/6320

Phone: 734-994-1934
Fax: 734-996-3014
800 Soule Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103



Eberwhite Playground

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