A performance at Hill Auditorium

Hill Auditorium is the largest performance space on Central Campus, seating 3575. Its excellent acoustics make it a favorite of music lovers. Built in 1913, it received a $38 million renovation and restoration in 1993, during which structural and infastructural repairs and improvements were made, including new bathrooms, HVAC systems, and new landscaping.

It is the flagship venue of the University Musical Society and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. Hill is located on North University next to the Burton Memorial Tower.

The building was originally dedicated in June, 1913 by Governor Woodbridge Nathan Ferris with these words:

Any attempt to estimate the resources of Michigan without considering our great University would result in failure. Our vast iron and copper mines, our coal and salt, our fisheries, our farms, our orchards, all are of immense value. They are fundamental to existence. After all, their existence is primarily for the realization and appreciation of higher riches, the riches of the human soul. Michigan as a state possesses the natural riches I have named. Michigan likewise possesses this great University. I, as Governor of Michigan, in her behalf gratefully accept the gift of the Hill Auditorium.

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