Jim Rees is retired from the University of Michigan.

He was formerly Chief Technologist for the Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. CITI was located in the Argus Building at the time, nestled in the Old West Side of Ann Arbor.

Rees's interest in this neighborhood is reflected photographically on his personal website, and counts as a partial record of historical change in the Old West Side and the city as a whole.

Among other material, Rees's website documents several different DIY bicycle lighting systems. In 1999 Rees's website was singled out by the The Ann Arbor Observer: "Personal websites are multiplying daily, but few match the creativity of Ann Arbor native Jim Rees's"

From 1974-1976, Rees played clarinet in the Joint House Marching Band. [Note: The Inter-Cooperative Council renamed Joint House as James R. Jones House and subsequently as Ella Baker Graduate Cooperative House.]

From 1998 to 2000, Rees served as musical director for the Get Curious With Safety Girl TV Show, and occasionally arranged for dancers. Safety Girl aired on CTN as an in-studio production.

Unconfirmed: Rees is a swing dancing enthusiast and commands a wealth of knowledge of good swing dancing venues across the U.S.