Meeting place on campus, with stores, restaurants (fast food in the basement, the U-Club and Amer's on the ground floor during the day), student organizations, and other places to congregate. Located at 530 State Street, at the corner of State Street and South University. The Union was built using funds raised by student organizations, opened in 1919 and has played a central role in the life of the UM student body ever since.

Historical Notes and Odd Facts

  • The Union was originally open to male students only -- female students, in turn, founded the Michigan League so they would have a similar place to go
  • The building used to have a bowling alley and a swimming pool in the basement
  • Women did not get full access to the building until 1968 (the Billiards Room was the last holdout)
  • President John F. Kennedy gave his speech establishing the Peace Corps on the front steps of the Union in 1960 (a small round plaque marks the spot where he stood). Peace Corps established here.



  • several UM Secret Societies had offices in the upper floors of the front tower until the 1990s, when Native American activists discovered that Michigamua was misusing Native American artifacts in their club ceremonies (the University's response to this was complicated by the fact that Michigamua had helped raise the funds to build the Union and thus had some sort of deal of long standing). Supposedly, they no longer have the offices.

Regular meetings

Polling Place

The Michigan Union is a City of Ann Arbor polling place for Ann Arbor City 1-1, Ann Arbor City 1-2, and Ann Arbor City 4-1. Polling was moved to the Union from nearby campus dormitories in the 2010 election, as part of a University effort to put polling places in public locations rather than dorms.

Annual Events