Osias Zwerdling (c. 1879? - 1977) was a tailor and furrier, the owner of Zwerdling's Fur Shop. He was the founder and first president of Beth Israel Congregation from 1918 to 1958. Zwerdling arrived in Ann Arbor in 1904.


Zwerdling lived for thirty-three years after retiring, and continued to be active in community affairs, serving on the boards of the Ann Arbor Federal Savings and Loan (now Great Lakes), the Boy Scouts, the Family Services Agency, the Community Chest, and the YMCA. He died in 1977, at the age of ninety-eight. Zwerdling was as "sharp as a tack until the end," says Helen Aminoff. She remembers him at tending a board meeting where someone was giving a report on a piece of property the group was considering for a community center. Zwerdling, then in his late nineties, "sat, lips quivering. Suddenly he looked up and said, 'Go back four pages. There's a mistake in the calculations.' And there was!"

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