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The Garden Walk Mall is an enclosed shopping center in downtown Chico. It is located on Main Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets. The main entrance is on Main, but there is also an entrance on Wall Street. It has many small local stores (such as PCI Computers, Weekend Warehouse, Olde Gold and more) and food (such as the ever popular Zot's Hot Dogs). Although it is not a large shopping center, it does fit into the description as a mall (in that it is fully enclosed and has a central walkway), but is much smaller than what would typically be called "mall."

There is access to a second floor where some businesses reside but they're not for shopping. So there's no reason to go up those stairs unless things have changed recently.

If you want to park close to the Garden Walk without having to deal with parallel parking, there is a large city owned parking lot right behind it on Wall Street.


2011-01-06 20:41:18   The Garden Walk Mall building was built in 1955 as Grant's Department Store. The building was converted to the Garden Walk Mall in 1976 after Grant's closed but the owners at that time, the Slater family.


2011-04-17 19:09:29   Anybody willing to make something similar to an indoor street view of this place? I'd do it but I live too far away from Chico as in another state and a half away. —

2011-07-18 11:33:32   i asked what time does the garden walk open at —

2011-08-04 17:17:41   This article is in need of a virtual tour is what the site should say. :) If I had some way to teleport down to Chico to make a virtual tour I'd do so since it's over 500 miles to get there from here! :( —

2011-11-04 13:55:40   so why don't you have a full list of the stores there? there are many more and I am trying to think of the name of one so I can call before I make a 100 mi round trip to shop there again and - you do not understand marketing evidently. —

  • This website is NOT run by the Garden Walk Mall. It is run by citizens such as yourself so if you wish to add stores please feel free to do so. —PeterBoulay

2012-03-14 22:10:47   So where are the pictures of this place I used to go to so much? Cmon people! It's not like its the 90s anymore where you had to wait for *beeping* forever to get the pictures developed. Even cell phone pictures would be appreciated or is the place now so run down that people are too afraid to take pictures and show them online?

If the reason is the latter then I feel very sorry for the people who work in the Garden Walk. —