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South Campus Neighborhood Association (SCNA) is a neighborhood association which consists of every resident, property owner, and business owner in the South Campus Neighborhood. The South Campus Neighborhood is the neighborhood generally bounded by West Second Street on the north, West Ninth Street on the south, Salem on the east, and the city limits on the west. The South Campus Neighborhood Association was formed in 1996 to represent the interests of the residents, organizations, property owners, and business owners in the neighborhood.

The Coordinating Committee of the SCNA consists of four residents, two representatives from among the organizations that reside in the neighborhood, two business owners, two resident property owners, two non-resident property owners, as well as several non-voting representatives from among various public agencies, and other stakeholding organizations. There is an annual meeting at which the committee is elected.

There are several non-voting ex-offico members of the Coordinating Committee which may be designated by the president or CEO of:

The SCNA has addressed several issues over the years: