Urbana, IL



This page is for fans of Urbana! It's also for people who might be moving to the area and are unsure of which community to live in. 


Why do you love Urbana? Why is it better than Champaign? Why should people choose Urbana? Please add to our list! 

1. Urbana has more organic grocery options:

2. Urbana is more laid back than Champaign

3. Urbana has better gardens and more trees

4. Urbana has better parks:

5. Urbana is more bike friendly 

6. The Station Theatre has wonderful productions

7. You can raise up to four chickens in Urbana

8. You can take a "tree walk" and see an impressive variety of even more impressive trees

9. Meters in downtown Urbana end enforcement at 5:00pm and end at 6:00pm on campus and at hospitals (Champaign ends at 9:00pm-super annoying). 

10. Meters in downtown Urbana are free during the holidays

11. Carle Hospital is in Urbana

12. Urbana is more progressive than Champaign

13. Urbana has old beautiful neighborhoods


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