The ASUCD Wireless Internet Taskforce (AWIT) The main goals include: 1. Secure an agreement with the administration by February 2010 to expand, wireless internet into the six student priority areas. 2. To have at least one project started by February 2010. 3. To foster a sense of urgency in the administration for WiFi expansion.

Meeting times are on Tuesdays from 4-5PM in the ASUCD Angelina Malfitano Conference room

Current members include: President Joe Chatham Senators: Previn Witana Kevin Massoudi Justin Patrizio and Stephanie Macedo - Special Projects Director, ASUCD President Tamera Melvin - Assistant, ASUCD President


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2010-02-18 13:08:59   Just curious, what were those priority areas, and how's this going? I haven't been on campus in a while, and don't have a student account to use on the wireless network anyway, but I'm curious. —TomGarberson