Kevin Massoudi was a former ASUCD Senator. Kevin served on the Internal Affairs Commission from 2008 and has been active in campus affairs since his freshman year. He has also served on the Telecommunications Advisory Board and as a senate intern.


1) Support The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), and promote a sustainable campus by having ASUCD act as an example.

  • (i.e. work to accomplish a near-paperless ASUCD)

2) Work with taps to give more incentives for students who carpool.

  • (Lower rates, better parking spots)

3)Work to expand Wireless internet through continued work with CCFIT and the Telecommunications Advisory board.

4)Bring back the epic quad battle!



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2009-01-16 00:13:35   Kevin is a standup guy that everybody thinks is awesome. He has real experience, I know this because he's been serving with me on the Internal Affairs Commission for the past year. Not only does he hold the position, he uses it with the authority of change. Kevin was one of the loudest voices against closed-door student government policies. He also works hard outside of his commission work to make positive change for students. He's made important strides in working towards increased wireless coverage for UCD. A lot of candidates are going to make promises and will try to make up experience. Kevin's been doing stuff and has experience that is beyond titles and positions.

There's a reason I'm backing Kevin Massoudi - the students. —GregWebb

2009-02-18 23:52:25   Good luck covering the insurance on EQB— I remember when the student was injured, and I also remember and agreed with the Administration's decision to prohibit it, on the basis that there was no organization or accountability. —MaxMikalonis