Former South Davis Location

West Davis location

West Davis: 2026 Lyndell Terrace
Dining Room
Sun-Thu — 6:00am to 10:00pm
Fri-Sat — 6:00am to Midnight
(Breakfast served until 10:30AM)
Sun-Thu — 6:00am to 11:00pm!
Fri-Sat — 6:00am to ???
(530) 756-5249

Burger King. Home of the Whopper (a hamburger, for anyone not up on their BK lingo). A fast food chain competitive with McDonalds. For a vegetarian choice get the "Whopper, no meat" or "BK Veggie." They also feature desserts such as milk shakes, apple pie, and Hershey's Sundae Pie.

The Mace Boulevard BK had a 50's diner style theme going on with a giant "Guitar Table" inside. The jukebox even had the Carl Perkins version of "Blue Suede Shoes," which should please Rock historians.

The first Davis Burger King opened in 1982. A second Burger King opened on 2010-05-14. It is located on Lyndell Terrace near Sutter Davis Hospital in West Davis. This Burger King's theme is "American fast food burger restaurant", which it manages to achieve with astounding authenticity. The West Davis Burger King will show up as "Amarjeet Investments" on your credit card statement.

Most Burger King restaurants are franchises. What this means is that a local owner owns the restaurant. The owner pays Burger King to use the Burger King name on the restaurant. In addition, the owner also pays a percentage of the profits to Burger King. The local Burger King may show up on your credit card statement under a business name used by the local owner. Your money first goes to the local owner of the particular restaurant.

A motorist was robbed at gunpoint by two male suspects while in the drive-thru of the Burger King on Mace Boulevard on December 29, 2011 at about 12:05 AM. The suspects fled in a four door dark color sport utility vehicle and turned onto Westbound I-80.

Someone tried to steal an ATM from inside the Mace Boulevard Burger King using a stolen Dodge Ram on September 22, 2012. With the truck parked in the drive-thru, the suspects ran a cable from the front of the vehicle through a shattered Burger King window, where it was tied around the ATM machine. Their effort failed, so they abandoned the truck at the scene. Police are looking into it . This ATM attack is similar to another failed attempt that happened to an ATM inside of the Davis Target store. ATMs are not defenseless against such attacks. Many ATMs have heavily armored secure vaults inside that are designed to keep the money protected. In the event of an attempt to gain access, many ATMs have ink staining systems that will stain all the money useless with exploding dye packs. If the money is stolen, it will be rendered useless before it can fall into the wrong hands.

As of December 2015, the South Davis Burger King is transitioning to a Starbucks.


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2007-07-19 18:51:47   Not to good but it is burger king —dickjones

2007-11-05 08:26:24   Burger King has vegetarian options?? Holy shit! —WillJobe

2008-05-06 05:41:01   Great weekly staff, but the weekend has much to leave desired. They have their new wrap things, and I thought special orders didn't upset them. I wanted two wraps, simply egg and cheese, no cheese sauce, bacon, sausage, potatoes ( all of which come in them ), nothing. I made this very clear, along with a medium diet coke. I start to drive away, and they gave me a sprite. So, I flip a bitch, and they apologize, get me the correct soda, and we're all fine and dandy. When I get home, the two wraps are the standard wraps, with egg, bacon, et al. So, on my third time, I correct them, and they give me two more, stating only egg and cheese, no sauce. I state correct, and they hand me the bag. I get home ( fortunately I only live about 3 miles round trip ), and the wraps not only have cheese sauce, but also potatoes. I did not know plain, egg and cheese only, was so difficult. I go back a forth time, and the manager states "Ooooh, you didn't want cheese sauce?" My response was "No, and I didn't want potatoes either." I let the manager know this was my 4th times through the drive through, and he apologized, but that was that. Apparently there is no entry exam to become an employee for the weekend crew —DCWine

2008-06-26 21:39:01   This is one of Most Worst restaurants in Davis,California Reasons: -Bad service I went to go order my food and i was telling her what I wanted and that f**ken Man that was at the Register WAS NOT TAKING MY FU*KEN ORDER!!!! i THEN TOLD HER TWICE AND finally sHE WAS LISTENING !!



Can't really complain too much when you are rockin' the BK Lounge. —JoePomidor

2008-11-29 01:24:03   I had great service tonight at 12:30AM. They got all my specialty requests correct. —JeffKwong

2008-12-21 17:31:09   A little far away from the university, but a good deal when I am on the east side. —BurgerKing

  • Wouldn't that be the South Side? —LoneShark
    • Technically it's in South Davis, but it's really on the far East side of town if you look at a map. —MasonMurray

2009-02-12 17:44:00   I have a friend whose roommate works at a juvenile detention center and apparently many of the kids that go in and out of juvie also get jobs at this Burger King. He told me to let everyone I know to not eat here because his roommate has heard a lot of stories about the horrible things they do to the food. I've never personally eaten there, so I don't know, but this is just what I hear. —ttl

2009-02-13 15:09:12   a lot of freakin metzikans who ignore you and only speak spanish. Why do they always have 50+ people working at once and do they always mop the lobby floor after they get done mopping the bathrooms because it smells like shit? —BettyBean

2009-02-14 17:47:37   Why does it matter that Mexicans work there? Also, they should speak which ever language they please. I have never been ignored by workers here. —EricaMacGregor

2010-04-11 17:15:30   Food tasted fine, small child liked his crown and kids meal (complete with Sponge Bob watch). But the jukebox was so loud! Even my kid thought it was annoying. Does the machine have a volume control? —NoelBruening

2010-05-14 21:33:03   JUST ate at the new one. Pretty good. They have lots of paper crowns to go around. —RohiniJasavala

2010-05-24 12:12:35   Nice looking place inside. But the fries were dried up, the strange tasting apple slices with the kids meal were definitely treated with chemicals, and the house/electronica music was too loud (interesting, but probably designed to keep out the bums or addicts). Small person liked his toy though. If you need something from here, I recommend the drive-thru. —NoelBruening

2010-06-28 09:58:54   When the patients in the adjacent hospital cardiac unit first open their eyes they look through the window and see a giant cheeseburger hovering above them. —SteveDavison

2010-07-14 17:48:08   C'mon we know what it is & how much we're paying for, BUT this place has a JUKEBOX & if John the owner is there he usually pops freebie quarters in it. NO JOKE this has some staright up badass music on it. I would match this jukebox against any bars in the area. WATCH OUT! for the parking lot in the back by the drive-thru it will bust up your car underneath pretty good. —TheTruthHurts

2011-05-21 12:42:59   Sitting in the parking lot of the north Davis BK. My friend ordered something off the BK Favorites menu about fifteen minute ago, at the drive thru window. Still no sign of it... —JoePomidor

I thought that was supposed to be fast food - not Murder Burger. —BruceHansen

2011-06-21 23:40:29   Definetely worth telling that the West Davis (new one) has their dining room closing at 10 and drive through at 11. Tried going through the drive through via foot around 10:30 and was denied —JohnathonJosephs

2011-08-04 15:17:57   Burger King followed McDonald's as the first fast food places in Davis. When they first opened, they had a "Bike-through" instead of the traditional "Drive-Through". It went away quickly, but the original BK off Mace has (obviously) stayed put. —OldDavis73

2012-08-03 17:39:26   Burger King does not Recycle Plastic Milk bottles purchased there. I asked a Mace Blvd clerk where I could Recycle the container and she explained that Burger King does not Recycle. Time for a Boycot —lalaland

2013-05-11 19:57:40   I highly suggest that we list both Burger King restaurants separately on the Wiki as they are both separate independently owned establishments. I had a bad experience at the Mace location, for example, but a fabulous experience at the new West Davis location. Reading the comments that have already been left, it is not clear which location any given author is referring to. Just a suggestion. —MichaelJanzen