Lyon Real Estate Davis Office

401 2nd Street

Davis, CA 95616


Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm

Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm

(916 )335-9127
[email protected]
Davis Office Phone Number
(530) 758-0720



Cassie Farinsky is a local Realtor who was raised in Davis.  This has given her an immense familiarity with the town and the region, both in the knowledge of community within Davis, all the great things that Yolo County has to offer, and insight into the public and private schools in town.  Cassie wants to help families and individuals find their forever homes and become active members of this wonderful community.  She believes the home purchasing process to be a truly exciting experience and would love to help you, your friends, and acquaintances fulfill your real estate dreams!  With her help, you can purchase a house, sell a house, or learn more about how this process works.

Prior to getting into Real Estate, Cassie started Double Decker Day School to ensure that she could be active in her children’s lives, provide a loving environment for others, and support families as they transition into the roles of parents-with-children.  When not working, Cassie spends her time with her family and enjoys attending farmers markets, being a stopping point on the Tour-de-Cluck, participating in local events, traveling, and visiting the ducks at the arboretum.



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