Main office: 315 West 14th St. (on the Davis High School campus)
Classrooms throughout Davis
Grace Sauser
Office Hours
Mon-Thur 8:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-9pm
Closed Friday

Davis Adult And Community Education (formerly Davis Adult School), part of the Davis Joint Unified School District, teaches non-credit day and evening classes in arts, crafts, computers, cooking, English as a second language, fitness, health, dance, foreign languages, gardening & home landscape, high school subjects, and parent education through a partnership with Davis Parent Nursery School. Check their website http://dace.djusd.net for current course offerings.

Davis Adult School does not offer college-level instruction, and instructors are not necessarily credentialed. However, fees charged by Davis Adult and Community Education are reasonable, and the caliber of instruction is commensurate with the quality. For reference sake, Adult School classes are equivalent to those taught through the Experimental College. Foreign language courses taught at Davis Adult And Community Education are typically conversational, as opposed to the largely academic approach at UC Davis. Davis Adult and Community Education provides an excellent opportunity for breadth of learning if you have already taken a college level language course or are concurrently taking a college course through either Sacramento City College or UC Davis.


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2009-11-21 19:49:50   i see on the davis enterprise's website that some classes were going to be cut here. what is the current situation? http://www.davisenterprise.com/multi_media.php?id=101.3&pt=photoJessicaRockwell

2009-11-21 23:06:56   When I was little I always used to think that adult book stores contained books on really advanced math and science (I even did a drawing: http://www.spincycletimes.com/?p=83 ). When I found out the truth, I was a little confused on what adult schools did. —hankim

2013-09-06 14:56:14   Davis Adult School is now Davis Adult and Community Education —Gracesauser