After some local churches and schools got vandalized with racist graffiti during late February 2005, concerned citizens held a town meeting in the auditorium of the Davis Community Church. People there made various comments condemning racism and encouraging high schoolers and junior highers to take leadership roles when it came to helping people get along and respecting each other. The main point that was made is that although many people think of Davis as a pretty peaceful, sleepy little college town, we do have some issues that need to be directly faced and addressed, such as racism and conflict.


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One woman in the back of the church sanctuary had a few young children with her, including a little girl of maybe a month or two, dressed in a little pink outfit. When I looked more closely, the baby had a hand-written sign taped to her chest: A Davis Baby for Peace!

I just thought this was one of the cutest and most clever ideas I'd seen...who knows, maybe little kids really will lead us to a better future. And you're never too young to go out there and make a difference.

It always irks me slightly when people use their kids as billboards. I'm sure that baby wasn't consulted about its opinion on peace. I guess it's not really a big deal though. - KenjiYamada

Maybe it was really a Davis Baby for Pacifiers. - KarlMogel