Davis Grid Computing Cows is a group of people that donate spare CPU time on their computers to solve problems such as reducing world hunger, finding cures for AIDS, cancer, dengue fever, hepatitis C, the West Nile, and Yellow fever viruses, and malaria. The software to do this runs in the background on your computer, and can be set to take as little or as much of the CPU and memory as you wish. By default, it will not run while you are on battery power. You can schedule it to run at times when you would not normally be using your computer, or if you are idle for a certain amount of time. To join:

  1. Go to the download link.

  2. Click Download now

  3. Run the installer

  4. Follow the on screen instructions to create an account (if you don't already have one) and join World Community Grid

  5. Go to this link

  6. Click on the button to join the team.

You can also just go to this link, and click on the blue and orange "join this team" button. From the sign in page, you can sign into join the team if you already have a World Community Grid account. If not, go to the registration page to sign up, then download and run the software.

See also Folding at Home including the warning about using University owned computers for a project like this.

Established in 2008, it can still be contributed to, but as of 2013, only has one member and has not submitted any results since June of 2010.


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2009-08-08 10:53:10   Davis Grid Computing Cows will reach 1,000,000 points on World Community Grid some time in the next few days. :-) —IDoNotExist