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  • 12: A major earthquake struck the destitute island nation of Haiti. Relief from around the world began to pour in to help assist the people of Haiti, including from Davis. The Dumpling House donated proceeds from Sunday January 31st. What other fundraisers have occurred in town?
  • 20: A massive storm system hit Northern California with hurricane force winds. Eureka nearly set a historic low pressure for the entire state with 980mb, just above the historical record of 979mb of Feb 22, 1891.


  • In February and March of 2010, large scale demonstrations were carried out across the state in response to a 33% fee hike for the University of California. At UC Davis numerous protests were organized culminating in the March 4, 2010 Public Education Protest. While this event alone was newsworthy, the response on the event's DavisWiki page was interesting in itself. Users either love or hated the protest, and they argued for weeks over it. As a result, many amusing comments were posted to the page, along with some very serious discussions on the state of public education.



  • In May of 2010, a photo was posted on the Crying Girl Con Artist page, purportedly of the Crying Girl herself, chucking concrete at the picture taker. This was followed by a deluge of Wiki users posting their own stories of running into her on the street, and confirmations of her identity. The story was followed widely and picked up by local news, and eventually a few national media/blogger outlets. The Crying Girl has since stopped conning people.



  • The Wiki Pledge Drive 2010 was the largest of DavisWiki's fund raising efforts thus far. Over $26,000 Dollars were raised and everyone got tee-shirts!


  • 29: Trader Joe's opens its Davis store.
  • In October, the Banning Leaf-Blowers page appeared on DavisWiki. Almost immediately the wiki was torn in half. Daviswiki's users could not decide whether leaf blowers should be banned in Davis forever, or if they Davisites should be allowed to freely blow leaves as loudly and as annoyingly as they like. It was madness, nearly a month of pure wiki madness A funny list of alternatives was also produced during this conflict.



  • In December, the Olive Drive Railroad Fence page went up, again inciting fierce debates amongst DavisWiki users. Interestingly, DavisWiki play an organizing role in a protest event against the fence.


Soga's went through a brief revival in the latter half of the year.