The shop in 2010

223 C St.
Closed indefinitely

Possible reopening in

February or March 2023

(530) 753-2040
Jason Velebit

Davis Shoe Shop is a full service shoe repair shop. Repairing all kinds of shoes, boots, including horse back riding boots and motorcycle boots, sandals, Dansko, Birkenstocks, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, purses, zippers, backpacks,  leather jackets and pants, and even some horse tack. The are the only local shop that repairs/resoles climbing shoes. They get a lot of business so you may have to wait a couple of weeks or more, but they are very friendly and personable.

They sell small leather goods, such as purses, wallets, cell phone holders, credit card holders, and passport holders. They also have an extensive collection of shoelaces, shoe polish, and shoe care accessories.

As an aside, the resident dog is named Flower. She's an American foxhound, and patrons of the shop sometimes come in just to visit her.

The shop in 2005


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2007-01-05 21:49:20   The kindly people here replaced the zippers on a pair of Uggs for me. It was expensive (around $75), but the cobbler did a great job, and I have been reunited with my beloved boots. —EliseKane

2007-05-21 16:20:35   Went in awhile ago to repair some boots. The woman was very nice, and they were able to have them done quickly. —AdamFerguson

2007-06-26 09:52:29   I brought in my thick guitar strap (too thick for normal sewing machine), and they did an excellent job pulling it apart, customizing the length, and putting it back together for me. Looks like it was made that way. Rock on! —John

2007-11-08 18:44:42   I love this place. They replaced the heel caps on my well loved Guccis. They have a strange shaped heel, so I didn't expect much. They did such an amazing job. They have also done great work on my dancing shoe straps. Give them at least 5 days to do stuff, since they are always jam packed with business. It is worth the wait! Oh, and their customer serivce skills are wonderful. —lemurific

2007-11-28 13:35:58   Super friendly people, good quality work with reasonable prices... and an adorable dog to greet customers! —GSB

2008-01-08 17:55:09   the people who work here are very nice. they get lots of customers, so plan on waiting a week or two. —JessicaRockwell

2008-01-16 23:44:55   CLIMBER'S NOTE (Edit): If you choose to resole your climbing shoes here, expect: 1) Compulsory toe box re-randing (add'l $14) regardless of rand condition, 2) delamination of new AND original rands immediately following resole job, 3) work not ready on time 4) slow/indifferent customer service. This is based on 9 pairs (4 personal and 5 friends') over five years.

2008-02-09 12:01:14   I can't comment on toyon's not-so-great climbing shoe resoling experience, but I can warn others to give them plenty of time for work to be done. Although, I have never had any delays in service, I can see how this could happen. They have so much business, but are still a "mom and pop" place. I am happy to wait a little more time for their service. —lemurific

2008-03-07 13:12:50   Great experiences at this shop! I have had Kors & Marc Jacobs shoes stretched here. This shop surely understands customer service and they are honest and reliable. —JulieWei

2008-10-31 15:18:51   I got a buckle replaced on my boot for $10.50. They did it in two minutes. Great service I am definitely going back there again. —CarmenCastillo

2009-11-18 23:15:33   I had three pairs of shoes badly in need of repair. One pair of pumps were on death's bed with a heavily warn sole and heels that badly needed capping, another pair that needed heel capping, and a pair of boots where the heel had fallen off. I took them in, and a week later, I can't believe my eyes. My shoes look good as new, I was really impressed.

Flower (the dog) came out to meet me which was a plus. It took about a week for them to do the job, but I will definitely be coming back again and again. Great work! —katiafuchs

2009-12-12 13:30:51   This place is great. So much so that I have used Daviswiki a lot but never felt the need to comment until now. They are so friendly, helpful, and they did my repair at NO CHARGE which shocked me. Granted it only took him like 2 seconds to fix it, but still, I would have paid. —DMichelle

2010-02-20 16:22:54   Really, really great business. Resoled one pair of Allen-Edmonds dress shoes, replaced the heel on another pair, and resoled my Red Wing work boots all flawlessly (and at a fair price). Do yourself a favor: spend a few extra bucks on quality shoes and, when it's time, bring them here to get them resoled: it's cheaper in the long run, you keep a craftsman in business, and your feet will thank you. —Swilltopower

2010-04-25 19:59:19   I needed to cinch my leather belt tighter, and they were kind to punch me out a couple new notches on the spot for free: Thank You! Special note: they have side space, which was used to host my sister's art show a few years ago . . . very nice venue, unique, worth checking into . . . —JasonBundy

2010-06-30 12:03:47   I've taken my shoes here a few times and am always happy with the repairs. The service is not cheap, but it's worth the money if you can't part with a beloved pair of shoes. The heal of one pair of pumps that I had brought in months ago broke again, and the cobbler, recognizing that it was the shop's work, offered to fix it again free of charge. I appreciate this kind of customer service. —CatherineFung

2010-12-02 18:50:36   We Guarantee all of our work! Mr Toyon, friends, and customers; There is nothing compulsory about having your shoes repaired. Please if you have a problem with delaminating (glue not holding) bring your shoes back in to be reglued. Sometimes the materials just don't want to stick,(not just on climbing shoes) and need a different glue, we know this and there is no charge to reglue them. (sorry for the delayed response to this comment, I am slow to catch on and just figured out about responding here! LOL)


2011-01-10 17:57:18   this is possibly my favorite store in davis. for you leather/boot connoisseurs, they have all the products you need to let your leather/boots age like wine. the prices are similar to all the cheapest online stores, too, so there's really no need to pay for shipping when you can just purchase the good here with some expert recommendations. —pol

2011-01-27 13:51:48   Had two pairs of shoes repaired here: one pair of heels replaced on much-loved dansko clogs and new insoles on a pair of dansko sandals. Took two weeks and cost $55, but the work appears sturdy and functional. Customer service was fairly indifferent and unhelpful. There would have been a third repair job, but they were going to charge $20 to glue a separating sole. After some prompting, they sold me a tube of shoe glue for $7 instead. Overall, not a great experience, but I take good care of my shoes, so hopefully I won't have to go back any time soon. —MeganCleary

UPDATE: 2011-10-29: I had to take the sandals back twice to be re-glued because the new insoles kept peeling out. They were friendly about the repairs (and did the fix-its for free), but in the end the shoes look terrible and, thanks to the glue and thicker insoles on the last round, no longer even fit! I would have preferred to hear that the work was impossible (since I opened with "I'm not sure this can even be fixed, but...") or at least be offered a refund when I came back the second time with the shoes coming apart.

The woman here insisted that the soles on the ball of the foot of my Danskos did not need to be replaced for quite a while (I had planned to do them at the same time as the heels, until she told me not to). Well, today I did my "6-month checkup" on those and the soles were completely worn through - they had been holding on by a flap, which had finally given out. The shoes look to be completely destroyed. They will now have to be replaced. Almost $60 in repairs and now both pairs of ($100+) shoes will be going in the trash 9 months later. All in all, an utter disappointment. —MeganCleary

2011-08-29 19:15:28   These guys are great. Very nice. We bring all our shoes and horse tack here for repairs. They shortened my daughter's tall riding boots (leather with leather lining) and they were done first my daughter wouldn't believe that they were actually shortened because it looked like the original work. I had him rebuild and restructure the soles on my tap dance shoes to my weird specifications and he worked with me over and over again until they were exactly how I wanted them. —AnnStanzak

2011-12-23 19:49:17   I came here to get my Mary Janes repaired about 2 years ago. They had a ripped seam and the buckle the strap goes through was hanging by a thread. In total the repairs cost about $30, which I thought was somewhat expensive but figured it was cheaper than buying a new pair (Dansko, about $120). While the buckle is still on good and sturdy, the seam was stitched quite jaggedly and eventually came undone within a year. I'm disappointed by my experience, but it seems almost everyone else has had quite positive experiences here, so I'm willing to give them another try should any other of my shoes require mending. —ActionFigureBarbie

2012-03-07 20:40:22   Well worth the money spent! Thank you Peterson family for repairing the heels of my boots. The overlaying fabric was fraying, but you made it such that it looks flawless! —kg18

2012-10-28 16:43:18   I took in a 300 dollar purse to be reinforces to elongate it's "life." They did a very cheap job and ruined my purse. The bottom has a whole, which they "sealed," and there are two wholes on the inside that they will patch and sew. I'm irritated and want a new purse. What do I do?!!!! [email protected]nibbles

2014-08-27 16:26:21   I have gone about twice, once for a boot stretching and once for a boot zipper repair. The repair was well done. They are super friendly. They were not particularly fast and a little expensive, but it's worth it for this rare service from a small local independent business and I'm glad they are doing well! —JuliaErsan