This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


760 5th Street
Corner of 5th & G opposite side of Barista Brew
9-5 Mon Thru Fri Closed Sat & Sun
Fax: 759-2018
Angelo Oliva, CEO/Partner
Michael Montgomery. General Manager/Partner
Payment Method(s)
Medicare, Medi-Cal, Private Ins Billings.
Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and of course "CASH" :)

Duramed was a provider of durable medical supplies.

Medical supplies can still be purchased in town from AMD Medical Supply.


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2010-01-04 17:26:41   Extremely hard to work with this business. They try to switch pricing and products on you. Never quick to return customer calls, either. I've worked with both of the large retirement/assisted living communities in town, and both care management teams have fielded tons of customer concerns about Duramed in recent months. Maybe management has changed...maybe they're focused on paying for their new building. Try Jackson Medical Supply in Woodland or Vacaville instead. They provide professional customer service, and let you know up front exact charges, insurance payment amounts (they'll do the paperwork for you) and specific equipment details. They also seem like they care about the patient at Jackson. Not so with Duramed. —Buzz

2010-01-11 12:19:51   I found Duramed to be very helpful. I recently sprained my ankle very badly and they were the only medical supply company in the area to stock an small orthopedic walking boot. They let me try it on in store and made the process quick and painless. I also found their prices on boots comparable to online medical stores +/- $10. It certainly beat what the ER wanted to bill me. —daniellekemmer

2010-02-12 08:36:44   I find it hilarious that Duramed tried posting not one, but two completely false reviews on their own page and then tried to delete the username AFTER they made their comments. Everyone should take a look at the history of this page and see the comments that user DURAMED left on this page on Feb 11, 2010. They were deleted, but I believe they are pertinent to this page because it reflects the lack of integrity of the people who work or own this business, regardless if they provide good service or not. Oh, and they tried to delete negative comments as well, accusing the negative commenter that THEY were shilling for another company. —KellyM

TomGarberson (BTW, does anyone know what competing company (s)he was talking about in bogus review 1? I glanced around the medical services page and didn't see any obvious candidates. It'd be good to get that info onto the wiki, though.)

2010-02-22 16:35:36   I went into to Duramed a few days ago and I found the staff to be very helpful and pleasant. I recently sprained my wrist and needed a specific kind of brace and they were the only medical supply store that was able to get me one the same day and offered to get it delivered to me. I also found their prices be very reasonable. I would highly recommend this place. —Glady

2010-07-11 16:18:25   HORRIBLE! this store is horrible, had a very very bad experience. They shouldnt be in business. And they dont pay their employees! Owner constantly rips people off, what a loser! —jen0805

2010-08-13 21:41:21   I had a wonderful experience with this company. My mother in law was recently hospitilzed for a stroke. After her recovery, also in a rehabilitation center, she remained partially paralyzed. Her doctor prescribed a hospital bed & a wheelchair. I went to DURAMED and the staff was extremely polite, prompt and very knowledgable. They delivered the equipment the following day and billed her insurance on our behalf. Thank god for this service and the level of professionalism during a stressful and overwhelming period. I definitely recommend this company..... —alisandropentano

2010-08-20 20:36:23   Very bad people own this business, the owner Angelo does not pay his bills and has been recently evicted from the location shown on this page. Many other shop owners and at least one mortgage company within Davis are owed past due money by this man as well. He is trying to reestablish himself in another location in downtown Davis. The residents of Davis should band together and send this creep a strong message to get out of town and play his con tricks on a different community. —jenniferbellucci

  • Hi jenniferbellucci; are you the same as jen0805? You are making several specific accusations against the owner of Duramed. Can you verify them? Do you have any relationship to the business? It is hard to give much credibility to one-shot reviews by people who don't give specifics. —DonShor

2010-08-22 13:15:34   I have dealt with this company for years. I have nothing but positive things to say about the company and it's employees. The owner is a true advocate of our senior population and has been for the past 20 years. It truly disturbs me to listen to people out there to only cause harm for others. What do you know about the company's way of doing business? Unless you have had direct contact with the company and you have allowed the company to act on your behalf, then I think it would be considerate to keep your negative comments to yourself. Especially if you have had no direct dealing with the business. I'm not a fan of the WIKI sites, but I had comment on this one. Just an FYI, the company moved out of the facility on 5th street because of the poor design and parking arrangements for our seniors. I wish DURAMED continued success... JV.. —Janelynvalicare

Are you denying that someone representing the company pretended to be customers and posted reviews here? I think the actions speak for themselves. If you choose to do business with dishonest people, that's certainly your right. —WilliamLewis

You mention "the poor design and parking arrangements for our seniors." Are you, by any chance, associated with Duramed?

2010-08-22 15:46:33   No affliation. New to Davis. I'm a nurse/caregiver and it's very difficult to find parking around this area. FACT. It is a beautiful building. I'm here to speak nicely about all companies & people. I still stand by, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothing at all. I've been working with the comapany for several years with no issues or problems. My personal opinion, the negative comments appear to be more vindictive rather that fact. This is WIKI, right? Best wishes to all. :) —Janelynvalicare