This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


228 G Street
(between 2nd and 3rd, across from Woodstock's Pizza)
Open 12 AM Last call: 1:25 AM
(530) 758-3154
Happy Hour
3pm to 7pm daily

This business closed it's door's on February 12, 2011. It was purchased by the former main bartender Chris Armanini who renamed it G St. Wunderbar.

Depending on the night of the week, the scene at G Street Pub varied quite a lot. In its history, the location has transitioned from a very fancy restaurant (A. J. Bumps), to a biker bar, to the well-worn, all-purpose drinking spot that it now is. G Street Pub is all-purpose in the sense that it has a spacious pool area, electronic dart boards, video games, and satellite TV; routinely hosts a variety of live bands; and has karaoke night. There is a "pub" atmosphere created mostly by extremely dim lighting, and the pours at their full bar can sometimes be generous. The well liquor is to be avoided — remember to call your brand.

In the mid 1990s, this drinking establishment was called Davis Saloon.

Want to avoid trouble while eating and/or drinking here? Check out the Bar Taboos page before entering.

A little known humorous alternative adult name for G Street Pub has been "G Spot." A much more commonly used alternative name for a downtown convenience store where beer-to-go can be purchased is "Fast and Sleazy" or "The Sleaze."


The Cornish Kitchen and Catering Restaurant was at one point opened inside the G Street Pub but, with the bar's closing, most likely will not be returning. Chef Marvin Cornish has been a chef at some of Sacramento's finest restaurants such as; Sophia's, Morton's of Chicago, Evan's Kitchen and the Limelight. The food reviewers rated the Limelight's food as four star, unheard of for a bar. Now Chef Cornish, better known as Marvin has brought his unique recipes to the G Street Pub. If you are in the mood for a great meal and drink, come on in and savior the flavor at the Cornish Kitchen and Catering.

The G St. Pub kitchen also hads BBQ at one point in time. Ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, hot links, grilled cheese, hot wings, fries, cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, onion rings... Order in the back next to the pool tables. See for the full menu.


The bouncers will kick you out around 1:45 am, unless you are mentally ill and they know you (see Hugging Guy). This keeps the ABC happy and allows the bouncers and bartenders to have a drink before 2 am when they are legally required to stop serving alcohol. On a weekend night, the bouncers may still take your $3 cover at about 1:30 am without telling you they're about to close. However, the bands are done playing at last call (1:25 am), so why bother paying a cover?

At some point in the past a G St. bouncer gouged a guy's eye out while helping disperse a brawl outside of Woodstock's across the street. Said bouncer, who was "definitely a very aggressive guy," no longer works at G. St.


G Street Pub has Rockstar in their soda thingy which leads to drinks such as "Jäger Bombs" (a shot of Jägermeister dropped into a half-pint of Rockstar), and "Thor's Hammer" (mostly Captain Morgan with some Rockstar and a splash of Coke — tastes like candy. The Hammer was invented by Saturday bouncer Ted, whose nickname is Thor.).

What's going on

Last Sunday/month: Live bands TBA NO COVER. Monday: Chill night, different specials each week NO COVER. Tuesday: karaoke night NO COVER. Wednesday: Funk Night with Larry the Flower Vato, dollar pints of Pabst, $2 wells (see above). NO COVER. Thursday: Live band Karaoke first Thursday, live hip hop the last Thursday, DJ the other two nights of the month. NO COVER. Friday: Live band (school year) or DJ (summer), USUALLY NO COVER. Saturday: DJ, NO COVER.

Every 1st Thursday of the month: Live Band Karaoke (Full live band, you pick the song and get to be the lead singer)

Transition to Wunderbar

The new bar whilst under construction.

In May 2011, a license application for the new bar was processed and it was determined that new 'Pub' would be opening under the name Wunderbar under the ownership of Chris Armanini (Wunderbar Industries LLC) and would be an On-Sale General (Eating Place) location. It opened in the fall of 2011.

Reviews and comments

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See G Street Pub/Archive 1 for comments prior to 2010.

2010-03-25 17:04:01   The food is bad and the bar tenders are weak, they are always understaffed on the weekend and over crowded. —JoeRandom

2010-07-10 17:56:00   I hear you have a free drink for turning 21? I hate asking, but does it have to be a shot? Can it be mixed? Does it even have to be alcohol? lmao —Mogitha

2010-07-14 16:48:29   LOL @ non-locals, this is definition dive-bar, was not bad back in the day when it was A.J's but this is G st. besides the pissy alcohol smelling floor, the tore back bathrooms and somewhat rude bouncers & bartenders, it is an awesome place to get shi*faced, play pool and knock people out, plenty of loudmouths to beatup if thats your cup of tea, have left some twitching in the parking lot seen many more get taken to the ER. If it doesn't turn you off by the time the smell and 90 degree heat hit your face @ the door, come on in get drunk and try not to stare, it's rude and a good way to get beat up by locals. —TheTruthHurts

2010-07-15 04:56:12   I don't care what bar it is, what restaurant it is or what type of establishment ALL have their ups and downs. Yes, this is a dive bar, yes it is a townie bar. Every bar in town has it's own little niche but ALL of them are dives. Don't like G Street Mr. Truthhurts, try going to KetMo and see how long it is before the police show up to break up another gang fight. Go over to Froggie's and be bored to tears or over crowded since they were forced to get rid of the patio thanks to college kids and their own stupidity a few years ago. Maybe head over to Sophia's and try the trivia or the rockabilly they like to play, maybe hit the extremely small and elitist Cafe Bernardo or you could hit up Little Prague and have a completely different crowd that, in all honesty you would probably hate anyway. I would bet they would hate you since you seem to have no positive things to say to anyone or about anything and safely hide behind your idiotic name. I guess the truth does hurt after all.

Bottom line is this, yes G Street has it's problems, mostly caused by the people who patron the bar and not the bar itself (bunch of lazy, selfish, pricks that think it's cool to puke wherever they feel and destroy anything they see in the bar including the pool cues)it also has a lot of positives like some of the good friends I have that work there. So do many other bars in town. Seems like the only consistent problem you have with any business in town is the fact that you are in them.

Here's an idea for you... Stay home, troll the Wiki to spout off more negative garbage about everything and keep your yap shut in RL. At least that way, there would be one less negative thing about the bar. —WesOne

2010-07-16 14:24:15   I heard a rumor that G street is not long for its G street location? Can anyone confirm? This would be a huge tragedy for the dive-bar loving folks of Davis! —aubitz

2010-08-15 04:20:32   Should be proud of Thomas. While at LP after closing, we saw an altercation brewing at Jack in the box. Myself and two other bouncers ran over to stop it and, as we did, saw a man exit his vehicle from the drive-thru to run inside. This was Thomas, G Pub bouncer who just happened to be there and went out of his way to help. Needless to say, with four bouncers the fight didn't last long at all and was over almost immediately. Just nice to see bouncers that really give a dang about what happens beyond the bar other than me. Thanks Thomas.. anyone who thinks all bouncers are jerks should stop drinking for a night and really pay attention to what happens in the bars. —Wes-P

2010-11-22 00:02:15   G Street Pub (should be called G Street Dive) is one of the most SKETCHY and UNPROFESSIONALLY managed bars I have been to. It is where the SCUM of Davis goes to drink during the day and some college students party at night (only in lack of a better bar in Davis). I have been to G street a number of times and I have seen some crazy shit. Bars tenders getting violent for college students not tipping, bouncers getting aggressive for no reason except to exercise what little power they have, and the staff making inappropriate advances on women, especially after hours. Just to name a few.

I could not tell you what is worse, the bartenders or the bouncers. They are both horrible

They employ a creepy 6'6" inch blue haired ignoramus reject that is usually outside yelling at people, watch out for that guy he lives to abuse the power his position gives him, especially towards college students.

The manager, who also bartends, is a impersonal bipolar meathead who goes off on people if they do not tip him for his crude and lousy service. The only time he talks to people is drunk girls who is trying to take home.

The problem with G street well known throughout the city. They have a police officer in there every night of the week as far as I know.

This bar should not be supported under this management. Hopefully it will go out of business and Davis can get a much nicer/friendlier bar that caters to the people that actually use the bars in Davis, the college students.

O, and the bathrooms a shitwhole


  • While the 'Pub' has had it's share of problems (name one establishment that hasn't in the bar industry), Most of the staff were friendly, intelligent people if you actually took time to have a conversation with them. As for the 6'6" "ignoramous" you are speaking about, he's a big softy who does yell at people when they are being stupid (which, surprise surprise, many drunk college are quite often... not all, many... if it doesn't apply, ignore it). As for the "meathead" bar manager, I say if he yelled at you or anyone else it had a lot more to do with their attitude and a lot less to do with not tipping (even though most college kids decide not to tip, thinking everyone at the bar is rich enough already and not actually struggling to make a living at time).

Anyway, the only part of your statement I can agree with at all would be the remark about the restrooms, they were pretty bad, even by bar standards.

However, behold all your wishes are coming true soon enough: New restrooms, cleaner atmosphere, many new staff members and new ownership. In the meantime, feel free to visit any of the other bars in town and feel free to make mostly bogus statements about them as well. — Wes-P

2011-02-04 18:29:03   On my 21st birthday last September, the bartender gave me a free shot of cuantro. Lucky meeee. —BrookeB

2011-02-07 17:17:10   I can't wait for this place to reopen. Hopefully with different bouncers and 90% less bums. —miguelsantiago

2011-02-13 09:22:21   New management: If you keep the pool tables, it would be much appreciated if you change the felt back to green. That red felt is awful, and the red chalk stains everything it touches. —Wehttam

2011-02-21 01:02:02   NEW MANAGEMENT: We are tired of our feet sticking to the floor. Please get rid of the crappy carpet that feels like you are walking on a big piece of chewing gum. —Jmbresci

2011-03-28 19:14:31   If you don't like a place so much, you probably shouldn't keep going back. G Street, was... G Street. Yeah, it smelled bad and was sticky, but if you were drinking like an adult and not a crazy freshly 21 year old the staff would be friendly and the prices were better than most for Davis. It was the only bar in Davis that was spacious enough to find a table to sit at even if you showed up after 8pm, you could dance and not get molested, and if you wanted to party in jeans and a hoodie, you didn't feel like an outcast. I'm looking forward to the refreshed G pub. —A*Lo

2011-06-27 16:52:43   NEW MANAGEMENT: Keep everything the way it is!! Don't ruin a perfectly good dive bar! k? thanks. —DatGuy

2011-10-17 14:01:12   They'd make excellent gumbo once or twice a week —Jeffrey9

2011-10-25 20:50:19   G STREET IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! They have a restaurant now. —CarlosOverstreet