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Gender Love is a support group for people in relationships with trans / non gender normative people. The focus is on having healthy relationships and supporting ourselves when our relationships have these added intricacies. All levels of commitment and all topics are open. Email the moderator if you are interested in joining the group. The meetings are by invitation only.

Gender Love has a counterpart, Gender Group, for the trans / non gender normative people themselves. The two groups occasionally get together for social events.


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Who is this group open to? Is this a UC Davis affiliated group, an open group hosted by UCD or a student only group (and if student, undergrad only, or grad student, etc)?Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-01-29 15:36:02   This group is open to people who were, and currently are, in relationships with trans/ non gender normative people. It is typical for people to self identify into this category. It is not directly affiliated to UC Davis, even though that is the space it started in. It is not a student only group, any age is invited to request an invitation through email. To request to join the group you can email [email protected].ElizabethB