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The Gender Group is a closed support/social group for people who self-identify, or may be identified by others, as transgender, genderqueer, bigender, crossdresser, or any other identity that may fall under the umbrella of trans. People questioning their gender, all stages of transition and non-transition, and any affiliation to the town of Davis, from people who have lived here for 90 years to visitors passing through town are welcome. Real-time meetings are held on the UC Davis campus and times are determined at the beginning of each UCD quarter. Though the meetings and listserv are not open to cisgender (non-transgender) allies, anyone may email the moderator with information that may be of interest to the trans* community. In addition, there is discussion of having some open events for everyone in the future to strengthen the trans* and ally community in Davis. (And/or consider attending TransAction Week events, hosted by the LGBTRC.)

If you are interested in resources for significant others, family, friends and allies of transpeople, there is now a group for people in relationships with trans / non-gender-normative people: Gender Love.

Other transgender resources for UC Davis students are available at the LGBTRC and at


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